Welcome to Kutztown Professional Writing

The Professional Writing Program at Kutztown University, established in 1987, is a unique, robust, and rewarding course of study offered by the English Department of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Featuring a diverse curriculum that can be tailored to suit any individual career path, the program provides students with the skills and knowledge required for professional success after their undergraduate experience has come to an end. More than 250 Professional Writing majors and minors are currently enrolled in a wide array of courses in fields such as journalism, creative writing, public relations and technical writing, taught by dedicated and energetic faculty with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. In addition, Professional Writing students contribute to, manage, or edit many of Kutztown’s campus publications.

The pride of the Professional Writing Program is its strong emphasis on professional preparation, highlighted by the senior coursework that students are required to complete. The Program’s strong Internship component includes at least one pre-professional experience of the student’s choosing with the ultimate goal of helping the student identify and pursue his or her professional goals.

Students will also enroll in a Professional Seminar during their internship experience. This seminar reinforces and builds upon their previous coursework while facilitating a small community of students who can actively share knowledge, experience and build long-lasting relationships.

For more information about the program, contact:
Professor Jeffrey Voccola
Director of Professional Writing

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